The beautiful daughter of the sea rises elegantly up from her mother’s turquoise blue waters. Discribing The island of Kefalonia in a short verse is very hard as there is so much to see, feel and obsorb. She is full of history, nature, wonderful churches and monasteries, quaint fishing villages and the proud owner of a dramatic coastline with eyecatching beautiful beaches. The island easily captures your senses. Situated in the Ionian sea Kefalonia is part of a group of Greek island known as the Ionian’s which include the famous tourist islands of Corfu, Lefaks and Zante. Kefalonia or is that Kefallonia or even Cephalonia ! has many excellent tourist resorts the biggest being at Lassi, Poros, Skala and Sami. Smaller more laid back resorts are at Lourdata (Lourdas), Katelios, Assos, Argostoli, Lixouri and Fiscardo to name a few.

The island is not only the largest amongst the Ionian Islands, but also features the highest mountain named Mount Einos which reaches a height of 1627M with beautiful Kefalonian firs crowning the summit. On a clear day the summit provides stunning views of the neighboring island of Zante (Zakynthos) and Ithaca. It is well worth the short drive to the masts on the top of Ainos, the road has been tarmaced in recent years, prior to the new road it was a long and very bumpy ride. From here you will have fabulous views of the island. To reach the actual summit you have to walk on rough tracks, so trainers or sensible footwear is an advantage, maybe take a hat and a drink too. It is approxiamatley a 35 minute stroll, depending on your individual fitness. The beauty of Kefalonia can be seen from just about everywhere on the island. The rugged hills and the mountainous terrain paint a commanding backdrop for the piercingly clear shades of Turquoise and Azure Blue waters which hug the shores of the many breathtaking beaches and pretty fishing villages which this island proudly displays. The mountain sides flourish in the Spring and the famous Kefalonia Fir trees which are in abundance will catch your attention standing tall and seeming to cast a protective eye over the landscape . In the Spring and early Summer hills and mountains are decorated by nature with many bright and vividly coloured flowers growing wild, seem set the scene for the perfect photograph or oil painting.

Kefalonia is home to many pretty and impressive churches, some stand precariously on hillsides and others mingle neatly within their villages. Most are painted in calm and harmonious colours which melt into the landscape with their bell towers reaching up to the blanket of achingly blue sky.

In August of 1953 a devastating Earthquake rocked the island fiercely and violently destroying practically all buildings both in towns and villages. Many ruins still stand as a poignant reminder of the day that altered the architectural appearance of Kefalonia forever due to the fact that the damage erased most of the islands elegant Venetian architecture with only the very north of the island around Fiscardo escaping lightly. In early 2014 the island suffered with a coulpe of menacing earthquakes and countless aftershocks. See 2014 earhquake for more information.

Most visitors to the island arrive via charter flights. These fly from a large selection of UK Airports. If you decide to travel independently then Kefalonia flights are available to buy over the internet, which are generally cheaper than those sold in travel agents. A Kefalonia holiday offers you so much variety, whether you wish to stay and relax in one of the many Kefalonia Villas that are mostly privately owned, however some are available from you usual tour operator, holiday in one of the larger kefalonia hotels, which are mainly located in the larger and commercialized resorts or have your own room or apartment, these are found practically everywhere on the island. Kefalonia apartments tend to be a little basic, so you may need to take small electrical appliances with you e.g. a travel kettle, iron and hairdryer. The islanders are fantastically hospitable and welcoming. Life revolves around the family and children are welcomed wherever they go. I have experienced many a time where waiters have wandered off with our babies into their taverna kitchens and times when the children have been handed around the other members of staff, always making time to talk to the younger members of the party, they truly are friendly people. Kefalonians are also considered singular, energetic, and ingenious people. They are well known for their intelligence, and are excellent traders.

Car hire, if only for a couple of days is highly recommended to see the wonderful sights this Gem of the Ionians oozes. Do not be put off by some of the roads. This is not the destination to just sit in hotel grounds, it’s a tapesestry of wonder that needs exploring. The purchase of a detailed Kefalonia map is advised as the maps provided by the car hire firms are usually very basic, missing important information, which can lead to you possibly getting lost !. The spirt of the island filtrates around the herb scented air and seems to act as an aromatherapy for relaxation and invites you to simply experience and explore the real natural splendor of this island.

As soon as you step off the aircraft you will be able to smell the aroma of the native herbs which grow along the roads and in the fields which are close to Kefalonia airport.

The aim of this site is to hopefully give you information about the island of Kefalonia and what she has to offer. We have covered the main resorts, towns and villages. It is also a work in progress! Most of the Kefalonia information gathered for this site has come from our personal experiences of the island, and a friend or two have submitted pictures. We thank you.