Platia Ammos can be found in the Paliki peninsula at the very western edge of Kefalonia. This beach is located next to the Monastery of Kipouria and sees the endless blue of the lonian Sea. Only accessible via a boat until a few years ago when the steps were built. You will need your own transport and map, or taxi to get you there. The trip will supply you with wonderful views out across the sea. The road leading to the platform where you can park your vehicle is mainly gravel with loose stones, at times you may wonder where it leads to! There are a few hairpin cliff edge bends to maneuver and it looks as if its on the edge of the world.
A natural beach with a wild feel, becoming a little more popular now, by popular I mean you may have to share this very large sweep of sand and shingle with ten other adventurous souls who wish to spend time on this uncommercialised beach. although there are no facilities, no sun beds, shades ect, it is idea if you want to get away from the crowds. I wouldn’t recommend you take young children to this location as getting to the beach is an adventure in itself. There are roughly 280 steep and in places uneven steps which run along the outside of the cliff face, beware going back up is worse than going down, especially in the heat of the day. Remember to have fluids with you as it does get very hot at this beach and there are no bars down there and you will need a drink or four on your way back up. If you do not like heights or suspect you have vertigo, then maybe you shouldn’t venture down the steps. A word of warning, the water here is deep and the currents can be dangerous.