Atheras also known as Aghios Spiridon is tucked high in the western corner of Paliki peninsula of kefalonia. It’s a quiet location, however a sand and shingle beach, glass clear waters and a stunning view awaits the visitor. A horseshoe shaped beach which looks out to the tiny island of Averonissi that is situated in the middle of the bay. Averonissi is home to numerous gulls and other birds. The actual beach comprises of sand and shingle, with a grassy strip which runs along the top section. The bay is backed by large pine clad hills and there is a real rural feel to this place. Its remoteness makes it less busy than some of the island’s other beaches.
In bygone days this place was once a smugglers’ cove.
It is a delightful place, but you do require transport to reach this village and beach, unless you are staying in Atheras, which is a traditional Greek village with few rented rooms. The beach is a long walk even from the main village center which sits high on the hills. The decent down to the beach is via a long steep road which give you fantastic views over the surrounding area and waters.
To one side there is a small harbour where little fishing boats bob up and down on the gently lapping water, and on the other lies a fair sized beach. Once this site was a hive of activity as a busy port known as Port Athera.Between the taverna and the sand there is a grassy strip which is an alternative seating area if you would like a picnic.
On the left (as you face the water) nestled into the rocks stand the very quaint blue painted church of Saint Spiridon, it is a very picturesque setting. You can walk around the track to the church which is filled in the spring with lovely flowers .
There is one taverna on the beach which is traditional and rustic. This area is still untouched by touristy buildings and the road that descends to Atheras bay is going to delight you with the panorama of the green scenery contrasting with the blue of the Ionian Sea.