Only twenty minutes drive south of Argostoli will lead you to the dramatic stretch of southern coastline. The slopes of Mount Aenos descend to the Robola vineyards, olive groves and tall cypress trees, and the beautiful beach of Trapezaki which means small table in Greek. The name has been given to the part of the beach which is on the right side of the small fishing port. On the other side, there is a very long beach called Kaminia (this is not the well known turtle beach which is in Ratzakli , where turtles lay their eggs).
The beach joins another small fishing port, Lithero, and also the vast beach of Lourdas. Made up of shingle and sand it’s a great choice for families with safe turquoise water which is shallow and clear.
no waterports are offered at this beach.
For refreshments there is a taverna and two stalls, the first one on Trapezaki, and the other one on the beach of Kaminia.
Trapezaki is typical of the area, being a peaceful green area on the hillside above a sandy beach. Up on the hillside behind you will find a choice of other restaurants and a mini-market or two.Trapezaki is more of an area than a resort, with villas spread out over the plain, and has a nice sandy beach and a sprinkling of bars and restaurants.” The hillsides above the beach contain clusters of houses with a mini market and a bakery.
A good base to explore more of the island.