The largely unknown region Paliki, set out into the western sea, is one of the most fertile in Kefalonia, there lies plenty of fields along with many tiny villages just waiting for the adventurous traveller to stop and seek.
Along its southern shore the resort of Xi, with it’s welcoming safe water and fine red sandy beach which is dressed in sun loungers and large fabric cotton parasols, which has a “days gone by look” about them. Be careful not to crash your head on these brollies as they have a thick metal rim and do not move like most lighter weight parasols.
The beach itself is situated a few kilometers south of the town of Lixouri. There is a good sized car park next to the beach.
It is a very long beach and it is famous for the colour of its sand which is reddish brown in shade.
Xi has whitish cliffs which drop into the turquoise waters either side of the blanket of reddish sand which looks quite amazing.
These cliffs have an appeal for the locals who say that they have medicinal powers to cure skin disorders ect and is generally good for the skins’ condition. They pick small handfuls of the cliff which is very soft and crumbly called glean then mix it with the sea water until it forms a paste then rub it onto the skin, some people use it all over the body. This coating is then left to dry on the skin. Basically it is a free clay mask!!
The water is very shallow and good for families, you can enter the sea and wade out quite a long way and always feel the soft sand between your toes, which is a bonus as on Kefalonia as many beaches require you to adorn rock shoes for your comfort as the seabed and even some of the beaches are often stony or rocky.
Just up from the beach is a good sized restaurant where you can have a drink or a meal. Surrounding area of Xi beach is quite lunar in appearance. This beach is best reached via taxi or hire car, unless you are staying in accommodation near the beach. There is no resort as such here, just somewhere to eat, relax, swim and sunbathe, so unlike Lassi, Skala, Poros and many other beach resorts there are no shops to wander around girls!!!! Perfect I can here the men saying.
There are however certain water sports available at the beach, including jet ski, water ski, banana, bike and beach volleyball.