Kefalonia Airport

Aim of this section

To provide contemporary and concise information regarding the airport at Kefalonia, as this is a very dynamic subject at present there will be monthly updates of information including pictures of new airport terminal construction, airport cafes and car hire facilities in area so you have best information for 2019 holiday season.



As the number of people coming to Kefalonia has increased significantly over recent years the existing facilities built in the 1980’s can no longer cope with passenger numbers during peak Summer months leading too much frustration at times!
As part of bigger program of works a German based company (Fraport) is managing the building of a new terminal, which includes;

– Expansion and remodeling of existing terminal
– Modern inline hold baggage system (HBS)
– Relocation of sewage system
– Reorganizing the airport apron area
– Refurbishing of aircraft parking area
– 71 percent increase in the number of Check-in Stations (from 7 to 12)
– 100 percent increase in the number of departure gates (from 3 to 6)
– Doubling the number of security-check lanes (from 2 to4)

(Note -these figures include domestic gates in existing terminal) and the new terminal is scheduled to open for the Summer 2020 season.
Unfortunately for Summer 2019 peak season this will mean a continuation of using an undersized airport whilst building works fight for space nearby.

The relatively pleasent experience as you arrive in Kefalonia

Very standard process, after plane has taxied to as close to terminal as possible passengers disembark via steps (no sky-docks!) and walk across disembarkation area to building. At the slope it is likely in high Summer you will queue outside (in the heat) as passport control desk is just inside terminal door.

Following passport control you will arrive at the one baggage carousel area to collect hold luggage, in this area there are also few toilets. If you leave this area and go into terminal hall to meet people etc. you will not be allowed back in!

As you leave the baggage reclaim area and enter the airport hall for those travelling via coach the reps will meet you here and guide you to transport, independent travellers may also be met here by accommodation owners or car hire representatives.

The not so pleasent experience as you leave Kefalonia

After arriving at airport if your lucky enough to be travelling independently enter terminal building and if desks are open check in your hold luggage, this is normally done at two desks on the left as you enter terminal building, then leave hold luggage at the belt to your left, please note you may be in a chaotic area as this is the other side of the often lengthy passport control queue!
If your hand luggage only and have checked in online there is no need to join this queue just head straight for passport control queue and present paper or electronic boarding passes at a suitable time for yourselves .

If you have booked via tour operators the process will be as descibed above but it is highly likely you will first be put in a queue outside the airport and made to wait in the heat until the check in desks open!

So your checked in, now dependent on time before flight and the passport control queue you have options;

Go into departure lounge which is has enough seating to hold two flights of people, one very expensive hatch serving snacks and drinks and duty free. If you go in early you will at some stage get a seat but its still likely to be hot and cramped, but if your a nervous traveller at least your ready for your plane with no further steps until your called.


Head off just outside the airport building to the local cafes Icarus or the new food hut outside airport terminal (warning expensive!) for a final relax in the Greek sun and enjoy a meal, snack or drink. The flight information is on screen in Icarus and most people will also have an App on their phone and last but not least you will see the plane you are getting home land.
So you can plan a just in time arrival at the departure lounge BUT beware of the passport control queue in high season!!

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