Svoronata (Greek: Σβορωνάτα)
Svoronata is a pretty sleepy village in the Livathos region of Kefalonia. Located in the Southwest of the island, close to both the capital Argostoli and the International Airport.
Do not let the fact that the airport is close by dissuade you from holidaying here as you may experience some aircraft noise, although infrequent as Kefalonia airport is not busy and there are no night-time flights (between midnight and six am). The airport is only busy on certain days of the week.
A handful of bars and eateries, a trio of beaches all within easy reach, and the rolling hills of the Livathos region all around you, what more could you want for a relaxing time.
This area is peaceful and flat so easy to get around. The surrounding peaceful patchwork of olive and orange groves, fruit orchards and fields full of flowers in early summer gives the location a rural feel .
The streets of Svoronata are a cluster of old buildings – correlated by twisting streets and flower-filled gardens. The relaxed old village is a pleasant place to explore with its winding narrow streets, chapels and family-owned tavernas. Svoronata village is stretched out and has no village square. Most of the mini markets, car and motorcycle hire facilities, tavernas and bars are located along the road which leads towards Ammes and Ai Helis beaches
Dim Spiros Taverna


Not all streets are signposted and people don’t even know the names of most of the streets so when it comes to visiting people the best option is to ask someone who lives in the village and they hopefully will be able to assist.
Locals sit on their doorsteps which sit on the edge of the winding roads and you will see old buildings mingled in with the new style houses.


The houses in the village are well kept and have lovely gardens full of colourful plants and flowers. Every plant you can think of seems to grow here, Bougainvillea, Oleander, Jasmine, Hibiscus and
Citrus Trees amongst many others.
The islands oldest olive tree resides here too.

Svoronatas’ accommodation which includes small and larger size hotels, rooms, villas and apartments are well spaced out sprinkled along its rural lanes, some being nearer to the coastline than others. Most have their own pools. The Svoronata area has some lovely sandy beaches, well suited for families with children Ammes, Avithos and Ai Helis are all within easy reach.

On a quiet dusty back street, well it’s more of a track stands an old windmill, this is where the English poet Lord Byron would sit for long periods of time absorbing the peace and tranquility collecting inspiration for new works. Back in time this area was marshland, fruit orchards and farmland.

Car hire is always an advantage, and being based in the Svoronata district is a bonus if you wish to venture further afield and discover the island at your own pace, as it’s pretty much central and getting around the island should be no problem.

Near to Ai-Helis beach you will find the fields of gold, named this due to having made some local people rich! Not long after the war people discovered old olive oil cans which had been filled with gold sovereigns, these cans were buried all over. Distributed by British planes they were then hidden by the resistance fighters, of whom the majority were killed, the money was intended to be used as war funds.